Friday, May 24, 2013

Release Day Promotion

Release Day Promotion

OK, so here is the May 28th release day promotion. If you buy the book on May 28th I will send a postcard of the cover of Midnight Caller to any address you provide me. I will write a short note on the postcard and sign it. It's the best I can do since an autographed copy isn't possible for ebooks :)

Here's what you need to do:

1. Purchase a copy, either ebook or paperback, on May 28th. (one day only)

2. take a screen shot of your receipt, or forward it, or copy and past part of it, or in some way show me that you purchased on May 28th.

3. email it to

4. Tell me who you would me like to make it out to. For example, if your facebook name and gmail name is something like Fanfic Reader... you don't want me to write it to, Dear Fanfic Reader, say, make it out to Sue.  Also, since it is a post card, it won't come in an envelope. Make sure you're alright with the cover arriving at your house. Let me know if I can be creative with my note or if I should keep it PG.

Any questions you can message me on fb or at